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Leading Silicon Valley tech startups and Fortune 500 companies trust Link Laboratory to design effective campaigns to accelerate core search engine signals and improve search visibility.

Scalable Link Building

Consistently acquiring high quality links isn’t easy, but it’s what we do best.

Technical Site Analysis and Data Science

Our arsenal of tools includes proprietary site crawlers, log file analyzers, and SERP data ingestion. These help us see what Google sees. We’ve been building search software for over a decade; you name it, we’ve tried it.

Content Creation

Simply put: the content we write is amazing.

Search engines are the key to knowledge discovery. We practice the data science of deciphering the signals that constitute relevancy and help our clients align to it.

The Truth

In Sergey Brin and Larry Page’s (Founders of Google) landmark whitepaper titled “PAGERANK” they explained that links were a voting mechanism to determine the importance of a website.

Every comprehensive SEO ranking factor study has found that the number and quality of links pointing to your website is the #1 factor most correlated with ranking well.

Getting backlinks with relevant content and relevant sites is what we do best, and why we are the industry leader.


Baseline Assessment

We run our crawler through your domain to evaluate and index all existing links in your backlink profile. This audit is then compared to the profiles of your top competitors to see how you stack up.


Keyword Targeting

We study the keywords your site is already ranking for and look at factors like keyword search volume, keyword difficulty, economic potential, and the strength of the existing content on your site to determine which keywords we should target with link building.


Publisher Targeting

We screen the sites linking to your competitors and cherry pick the ones that will have the biggest impact on your rankings. We’re looking for strong topical authority in your industry, robust site metrics, high trust flows, with very low spam signals.


Content Tailoring

Once we have determined the appropriate audience, we draft hyper-relevant content catered to your key demographics.


Outreach Execution

Our team performs outreach to high DA publications on your behalf to secure placements on contextually relevant domains.


Reporting And Performance Measurement

Monitor the progress of your campaign in real-time via the client dashboard, enabling you to measure performance with granular metrics. Following the completion of each campaign, compare your current search rankings against the original baseline assessment.

Pieces of Content Written
Number of Backlink Placements Secured
Successful Customers


A package of links designed for websites in less competitive niches.

DA 20-30: 4 links
DA 30-40: 2 links
DA 40-50: 1 link

Processing ...


For those with a solid backlink foundation who are ready to undertake a more aggressive approach to boosting their rankings.

DA 40-50: 3 links
DA 50-60: 2 links
DA 60-70: 1 link

Processing ...


Geared towards clients with enterprise-level aspirations without the internal resources to get there.

DA 50-60: 3 links
DA 60-70: 2 links
DA 70-80: 2 links
DA 80-90: 1 link

Processing ...


An Enterprise Level package structure to maximize both volume and link quality for a serious rankings boost.

DA 40-50: 4 links
DA 50-60: 3 links
DA 60-70: 4 links
DA 70-80: 3 links
DA 80-90: 2 links
DA 80-90: 1 link

Processing ...
Agency and White Label options are also available.
Contact us for further details.
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